hi i am enrique (eg2410109) many know me and some dont i just want to say iam making a comeback for november 23 2009,its going to be a bunch of pictures ive never shown before and some tutorials too maybe,many of us are luke warm right now but if you want to make a comeback with me tell me  and leave a message so that in christmas we can have a big set of gallerys for a contest maybe for best gallery of the year.okay thanks for reading.Comment and debate plis.

You mean you're leaving for a while?

well not that, the thing is i got a long while that i havent send a single drawing and in november im sending a whole new gallery of drawings,and prepare im planning on a contest of the best gallery,and he who wins will be the best for 2009

I can't believe it's almost the end of the year already, it's crazy, time is flying......

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