Hey, i need sum help, hence the title....Melanie, if u say i need medicine ONE more time, i'm gonna hurt u after spring break. I DON'T need that kind of help.  ANYWAY...no matter what i do, i can't seem to draw legs. I have the perfect image of them in my head, in EXACT proportions, (WTH did i just type) but i can't get it to turn out right. DETAILS: the ankles r always too big or 2 small er in the wrong place (2 high er 2 low); the thighs (if i'm drawing girls in swimsuits an such) r...oddly...shaped...?; OR they r always 2 long er 2 short. And don't even get me started on the feet. THEY r always...ugh...i cin never git the arch right, the toes r all weird-like, and when i do git them right (which is so rare it wouldn't show up on ANY graph), it looks like they're floating w/ their feet hangin down. GRRRRR!!! I have problems, and i need sumone 2 fix them! NOT , Melanie...if u even THINK about telling me...that i need meds... u...r...DEAD. So....yeah. If even have a SCRAP of advice, tell me! please, please pretty PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  

LOl I have the same problem. Try watching this video, it might help witth the feet problem. Hope it helps!

Mark is awsseommee! So is Ninjaskygirl.. She taught me to draw ichigo! In horo form! If you dont what that it, watch bleach.   I have the same problem tooo, but i got over it...

K, thanks! i'll check out the youtube vid, and watch a little bleach! lol

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