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I might get paint tool sai.........Thanks

Originally posted by: PlantedCherryBlossom

You don't need only Photoshop to draw something amazing on the computer. Look up other art programs. I usually use Paint Tool SAI for most of my things. True, it does cost money, but I believe it is a lot cheaper than Photoshop (I downloaded the cracked version, so I don't know for sure). It also has a line tool (which is VERY useful for what I do), which I don't think Photoshop has.

But If you want Photoshop to edit pictures, Photoshop Elements does the job for me. Yes, it doesn't have as many features as Photoshop CS5 or any other version that is more expensive, but it has enough to satisfy me.

And also, if you are still a beginner in digital art, I actually would start out with something simple. Just because you may have an absolutely expensive program does not mean you can become the best artist over night! I have run into many people who have believed that. 

What I am saying is that you should only get Photoshop if you absolutely believe you need to. If you really want it, then I suggest getting a tablet to get more even lines if you are getting Photoshop to draw. It's very difficult to draw with a mouse or a laptop pad. 

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