hi all

i was wondering how do u all draw dragons? i just cant get the hang of it.


plz reply

I draw a triangle for the head of older drawings, and i expand the triangle into a more or a rectangle as the dragon gets younger, and the neck is a lot of circles so the proportion stays even. The body is an oval, and the legs are drawn by drawing drumsticks and then connecting the shin and feet to that.


Ends up like

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Dragons, can involve some serious detail. I start with a line of motion, then put a circle for the head at one end, then two large circles for it's chest and torso around the first 1/3 of the line. I suggest googling "How to draw Dragons" I found some good tutorials but I don't have the links on me.
i need help off drwing my own characters
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There is a drawing tutorial for this on this site go to fantasy and click the dragon you will get a step-by-step video guide whitch stopps at each step! Hope this helped!



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