My Pet is somewhat a game i just made up. First you draw your pet, it can be anything my is a whitetiger also the image does not have to be hand drawn like mine. once you have that done you can get your abilitys and powers. the list is endless because the imagination is too.

My Pet


Dexterity-5-Close Combat


Agility-10-Ability to jump and move


WillPower-5-magic power

Endurance-10-magic, health, and energy points


fill at that last fourm u can have one skill up to 10 MAX and MIN 5 but you can only equal to 40 MAX u can use 5-10


powers- u can have 3 starting powers but if you have something like Wings ur picture must have wings if its in that spot.

My Powers

Wings-not used for flying but for speed+5 speed

Eyes of the cat-Night eye and i can see people coming

Poisen Fang-Poisenese Fangs used to paralyze the enemy (will become stronger as i level)

------------------------------------------------------- -----------------------------------

one power can have +5 stat incresser

powers can get stronger as charater

max skill level is 100

max level is 100

Powers can be obtanded later

------------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------

make your charator

work in progress

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