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as im rather bored at the moment heres the basic list ull need to have a think of for your character if we go ahead--



Village: (to name a few- konoha, sand, grass, fire, mist, rain


Rank: (genin, jounin, sensei, special forces, anbu, daiymo, hokage- there will be restrictions on who can get what!)

Background story: ( a decent sized history of your character, where hes form what he did, goals, purposes etc- parents or wateva, u get the point.

Element (wind, fire, lightning, earth, water)

Inventory: ( swords, shurikens, katanas, explosive throwable things, pointy sharp objects etc)

Powers- genjutsu, taijutsu, whatever.

Unique Powers: anything special your character does. Your character will have to be viewed before its allowed to begin roleplaying- so dont make him/her invincible- this probably means no god mode techniques like sharinghan for now.
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