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Picture and description:
Full name: (first name then surname)
Rank: (genin, chunnin, jonin, special ops, anbu, medical ninja)
Team: (so you can do missions- WE WILL WOKR THIS OUT 4 U)


likes ( -being alone,training-eating-making friends etc),
dislikes ( some village, bad people, loudmouths)

you can write whatever for dislikes or likes- these were just some ideas

History/background so farUnhappymake it good, tell us all about your character and his journey as a ninja so far, include info about family and anything special about them- so we get good outline of who they are and there story- ok simple enough =]

Relations to other ninja: (u and another member of the community will need to discuss this beforehand should you choose to be brother and sister or whatever- UR STORYS WILL HAVE TO MATCH OF COURSE- duh

Inventory- what extra stuff ur ninj carries- eg- ninja carries seals to summon his puppets kiro and baru. He also has a medium sized sword which is extravangantly decorated and is in a black sheath strapped to his back.
- also mentiona nything else wworth mentioning plz- if u do have puppets try describe them a bit and what there main attack type is (weapons-trap layer etc)

Primary Attack- (elemtal user- puppetier- taijitsu user- genjutsu-ninjitsu- weapon specialist- and so on.... try sticking to just 1-2 at the most- u dont see sasori running around using taijitsu now do u =]

Element: (your ninja may discover this during roleplay or already know)

Abilities: what your ninja does and how effectivly, maybe name a few moves you have WITH their flaws- dont make them uber or they WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED

EXAMPLE (im not to great at making moves up)-
Rock Crush Jutsu- EFFECT hurls massive rocks repetadly at target
WEAKNESS- slow and easy to dodge, uses large amount of chakra

thats it for now- ill post my guy up in a while as well as some standard rulzz

No sharinghan
No demons inside u =P
No existing characters-sasuke-sakura- naruto etc etc

dont make a god character as it wont be allowed
just because u can be anbu doesnt mean ur going to win a fight agaisnt a genin- THERE WILL BE CHUNNIN EXAMS!!!!!!!! making ur story intersting is what where here for!!!!!!
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