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mail me with any questions to and remember to spread the word- im going to write some hopeful events now and rulz thatl happen if u guys pull together and make this happen!!!

there will be special events- missions, player vs player battle, bad guys roaming round doing bad stuff (ha thats me!)

squads joining up with anbu to accomplish goals

interaction with hokages and other interesting chracters around the world

- YOUR NINJA gaining strength and learning new things as they progress- perhaps even attempting the chunnin exams but its better if we keep a balance of each =]

- dramatic storylines forming- as your ninja forms friendships and enemys both inside and outside his/her village.

- mass carnage as multiple ninja engage!!!!

-new powers being tested to good or horrible effects for the user

- friends dying

-evilpeople doing evil things

- become a hero and help the needy and your comrades or walk the path of the likes of orochimaru and turn agaisnt everyone for your own ...hopeful gain...

- meet funny,crazy,serious,sad,annoyed,depressed,shy other ninja-the world will be as u guys create it( and me i spose-yay)

- be a chunnin or genin and go of to far reaches of the world battling horrid slimy....hairy things.. yessss.

anyway theres tones more u can do, but this is what we have to offer hopefully to u guys.
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