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A FEW OF THE BASIC RULZ TO NOTE- these r just to ensure everyone has good time

- your character MUST be authorised before he/she is allowed to begin their journey

- censor any cursing or swearwords- there are kids here so none of that- as well as any serious serious romance..... u may cuddle and whatever but uno what i mean.

- maintain your characters personality and correct abilities and powers. eg sasuke starts acting like naruto..... enough said, and as for abilities- u CANNOT just pull a masterful jutsu of death randomly especially if u do not have skills- make choices for ur character to make them unique but have weakness at the same time- a genin starts fighting a s-class criminal to the death....this is a good time for the genin to use "run-a-way jutsu"

- dont use or speak for other peoples characters/ unless strictly allowed to or having some sort of minor talk

- YOU MAY NOT kill another persons character off unless they have agreed and its all agreed upon- they can just be seriously hurt or saved by team-mates, watever.

- If player vs player fighting will be resolved depending on the situation and whos fighting as well as what both sides wish to achieve.

- Hokages, leaders (not team leaders) and missions will be controlled mainly be my and nightmare to ensure fair play, and create more fun for u guys, we may also award stuff for missionsor whatever.

- Your character can gain new abilities and power, but its hard earnt- not like "one day ninja began using a sword and is now a sword master" we will decide if ur character has progressed and improved enough to be able to warrant new skillz and such to keep gameplay being fair

-no special clans or powers have been approved yet so dont make any just yet please. Also- do not mimic other players SPECIAL techniques or abilities like those of the actual tv show- THIS MEANS nothign like chidori, sharinghan rip offs, gaaras sand, and sasorris uber puppet skills- if u do ur character wont be accepted, but u can of course get ideas from these powers, jsut as long as they rnt to similar to other players or the show- simple.

THATS ALL FOR NEW FEWWWWWWWWWWWWWW time for a drink, see u wanna be ninja on the battlefield
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