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sweet good to see so many

to give us good depth of your chracter and

current villages that well be playing are as follows-




its in turmoil and Pein is still in control(i dont want to really bring rain village into this on that sort of scale- thus why my character has left the village- it will cause to many problems trying to do so)I recommend all of you who wanted toplay as rain try mist instead=]

- u may request an alternate village

- there will be other villages brought in for missions or if theres enough people

-we may be looking at 2 chunnin/genin and a sensei(jonin per team to create more teams so be kool with that. ALso NOT everyone can be anbu and jonin!!!!!! remember your character must be passed before we can begin- and we cant do that without enough chunnin and genin, this means we will have to select jonin and any anbu(if we even have them) so plz be kool about that aas weregoing to get jonin of appropriate ages (14-15++) to create a real and dynamic atmosphere for you,even so tis doesnt mean 14++willget all higher positions theres needs for medical ninja and oter specilised roles(or ull die lolz)

p.s no more rogue ninja either we need to fill positions in villages -shank you
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