HE i a real ninja
He's got mad sharingan/ chidori skioulz (LOL!)
he iz totally awsome overallBIGTIME! yaaaaa~!
he is weird somethin
he created the chidori!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!    he also has sharingan from obito!!!!
He is so hot and silent and did i menchin HOT and he is loyal
he is the best
I do like Kakashi and i like him becouse he have the sharingan
he is sexyyy

and he is cool

and he is always late and funny

and that he is the copy ninjahhh!!!!


Originally posted by: cakekay
he is sexyyy

man how can you think an anime character is sexy.

but i do like kakashi because he is mysterious and i liked the thousand years of pain jutsu

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