cuse gaara is in it his a cool a** sk8r

its hard to chose naruto,kiba and gaara r my favs.....i like gaara because he is cool and has the power of sand....i like  naruto cuz he got cool justu's....mainly 4 kiba is that i look alot like him..

I like sasuke cuz is so coolalso sai cuz he likes to draw and sakura cuz i am like she only i dont have medical powers

hinata, sakura, shika, gaara and sasuke ^^ and shino

neji cuz he is one of the smarter characters of naruto and has the coolest moves eva and has cool outfits(normal and shippuuden) and if naruto hadn't the fox neji will beat him in one shot and his team is cool too........other stuff i like in naruto are............................hmmmm..............nothing else ^_^
i like naruto bcos shikamaru is so sexy
I like Sasuke, Itachi, Deidara, and b****s like dat! they soooo funny... acting all kool! ya rite!
I liked how it brought a different fighting concept. Instead of straight head to head fighting (like DBZ or Bleach), it gave it layers of trickery. So who you thought is winning, really isn't.
i LOVE the show Naruto cuz... Of Gaara ov corse... hes SOOOO hot.... hes my man.... i also like sasuke...kiba...Naji...and Kakashi... but mostly Gaara/.... Naruto is THE BEST anime ever and the BEST SHOW ever
i just think dat da show is cool
I like Sasuke, Kiba, Hinata and Shika Wink
Naruto is the coolest show ever because......the boyz!! lol.... plus the action is pretty awesome.... expecially the big battle between naruto and sasuke...... this is absolutely the best show ever!!
I like Naruto the anime becouse it is the type of action that gets your blood pumping, gripping you and making you want to see the next episode badly. Dont get me wrong, the fillers sucked bad, REALY BAD!!!! but shippuuden made up for that. Naruto is a prime example of a great anime that has been hated for no good reason out there, and ive seen alot of anime so im well rounded.

As far as charcters, my favorates are Gaara, Naruto, Hinata, Rock lee and guy sensei, Kimimaro (who is freaking awesome) and... more, but seing how this is probobly the longest freaking post here, thats all.
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