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Picture and description: (on its way asap) basically he wears a long black coat and round brim hat the same as the akatsuki did- except just a plain black cloak- no clouds

Full name: only known as Sasamaru
Gender: Male
Village: Rain
Element: Water
Element 2: Lightning
Rank: S-class criminal
Team: no team- Sasamaru is now a rogue ninja
clone type- water

Personality- cold and quiet with an unflinching gaze, weather this is because of his unloved upbringing or his dark history- perhaps both- many are intimidated by his cold manner and unnerved by his mere presence, he is a renowned ninja and now in many bingo books due mainly to his recent actions and known associates.

likes: creating and learning new and forbidden jutsu, doing his own thing.

dislikes: teamwork, preachers, being disturbed

History/background so far:

Born into a family of ninja of great wealth, he was named Sasamaru by his mother (Sanara- a poisons expert) who died soon after giving birth to him. His father Trajor, (part of rain villages special forces) hated him for the event yet felt bound to raise him as Sanara would have wanted. However over time a large rift grew between Sasamaru and his father. A child prodigy of the village with immence skill, he was hailed as one of the rains greatest success despite his dark and cold personality and even received tutelage from the Daiymo himself who almost became much like a real father to him. Promoted to a Jounin at just age 14 he was away a lot of the time, sometimes for many weeks. At the age of 16 (now a well regarded ninja within the village) his entire squad except for himself was killed on a top secret mission which resulted in Sasamaru coming under an inquiry. The results were horrific, the Daiymo and Trajor was shocked to find that for some time Sasmaru had conducted a number of illegal activities and even met with numerous S-class criminals and that his squad had been voluntarily lead into a trap by Sasamaru. Acting immediately the Daiymo dispatched every ninja including Trajor within the village to look for him. Deep down the Daiymo and Trajor both new something had been wrong with Sasamaru for a long time. The search went for many hours into the night until springing from a rooftop the Daiymo and his elite guard came across Trajors mangled body- clutched fiercely in his dead hands was Sasamaru’s forehead protector with a large gash through it, Sasamaru had killed his father and with it left the village….

Inventory- A large katana which was forged by his father and sealed with deadly poisons from his mother, the blade is made of a rare steal found only in the Rain villages high mountains, after killing his father Sasamaru took this sword from him and began using it himself, its lightweight, deadly poisons and ability to break most other steals makes it a deadly weapon. It is carried on Sasamaru's back in a black sheath with small silver markings over it. As well as this he of course carries the other basic ninja equipment and explosive seals as well as mouth embers. He also has another weapon hidden under his cloak....


Primary Attack: Specialist/Kinjitsu and genjitsu he has learnt from his training with s-class criminals or those he has devised himself using his 2 elements.

Another technique of note is
Rain Shield: combining both his elemets of water and lightning he encases himself in a dome of water which is electrifying to touch and to whcih enemys cannot see inside- but also protects him from physical attacks no matter the strength, andother elemental jutsu's. He is still able however to cast out his own jutsus from inside.
WEAKNESS-Uses a massive amount of his chakra. He cannot move while the shield is around him, does not allow him to use his other forbidden jutsu only whilst inside.
Naruto RPG Character

Picture and description: (No picture yet.)
Full name: Sarashimono Maigo (Called ‘Sara’ by her friends and 'Maigo' by almost everyone else. Maigo means lost child.)
Gender: Female
Village: Hidden Mist
Age: 20
Rank: Jonin
Height: 5’9
Team: (open for now.)

Personality- Sarashimono is a bit on the quiet side. She takes a lot of care in how she looks, but that is not ego so much as it is a well kept disguise. She wishes to come off as a lady. She has never been caught on missions where she's had to spy because she is such a good actress. Maybe her parents were actors...

Roses, rainy days, adventuring, Tuna sushi, and her pet Japanese Scops Owl- named Cus. (Pronounced as Cooz. As in to coo, to speak comfortingly.)
People who pick on others, people who stop trying, people who are loud and annoying. Evil people.

History/background so far:
Sarashimono does not remember her parents as grew up in the care of the Mizukage, living and feeling like an employee or a guest. She does not know if she has any family out there somewhere. Though she does not feel bad about her situation as she thinks of the whole village as her family and many of the Ninja working around and with the Mizukage took a shine to her and mentored her.

She knew things could be so much worse so she was greatly appreciative and thrives to prove she is worthy of that life-saving favor. When she finally entered the academy as a student she was already thought highly of and proved herself time and time again.

She became a Chunin quite early on and was a favorite during the exam. She worked hard, often even traveling with other teams in order to complete more missions, and earned the title of Jonin. Her sensei recommended her to be a sensei and she took the position gratefully.

Relations to other ninja: She thinks of the Mizukage as her father.

Two steel tessen- Sharpened edges so they can cut. One, the larger one, is black with purple roses and feathers outline; the other is purple with black roses and feathers. The fabric on the larger fan can block most attacks, though someone can shove a sword through it. The handle looks like polished silver with roses and feathers engraved into it, and the fans even have a black lace strap. They are tied to the two crisscrossing belts she wears on her hips. The smaller one looks like a normal fan and she will often carry it in her left hand.

Six shuriken- they are black and the hilts are wrapped in purple. Two are in pouches hidden in her right sleeve, and four are in pouches on her thighs.
Neko-te on her right hand- she is ambidextrous so since her sleeves are so long, many do not even notice the claws.
One tanto- used to force open doors, she caries it in a sheath on her left shin.


Primary Attack- Elemental user for the most part, though she also knows Taijutsu

Element: Wind
2nd Element: Water

Tornado Dance- a swirling mass of dust, sand, and debris, or water. Used as an attack or as a shield.

Tempest Regret- Using the water around her, she'll mix water and wind together to create a hurricane, with herself standing in what would be the eye.

Tsunami Vengeance: Huge wave of water, often used to knock the opponent down.

Stamina: 28
Speed: 30
Total= 105
Accept everyone for their race, beliefs, gender, and age. If you have time to judge others, you're not looking closely enough at yourself.
Picture and description: Has kind of long hair, a tattoo black gloves and sandels, and a black shirt and pants
Full name: Ryuu Nosuk
Gender: Male
Village: Sand
Age: 12
Rank: Chunin
Height: 5'10
Team: (so you can do missions- WE WILL WORK THIS OUT 4 U)


likes Becoming stronger fighting and having dark friends
dislikes I hate the mist village and the people who are annoying way to much.

History/background so far: He graduated the academy at the age of 8 and earned the title of Chunin at 10,he has learned many jutsu and is cunning ninja. His mom and dad are ninja also, His mom is a medical ninja and his dad is leader of the anbu in the Sand Village. His dad is the strongest anbu there is and his mom healed 100 ninja during battle.

Relations to other ninja: Alexis is his little Sister

Inventory- He can summon a giant Lion with scroll and a giant scroll he uses for dire emergencys, he also has a sword with a black sheeth, he also has many shuriken and Kunai

Primary Attack- Specialist in Ninjutsu

Kekki Genkai: Dragon eyes: It's Basically another eye jutsu and who ever gets hit by it will be stunned for 10 min but he will lose energy like Kakashi
Abilities: Twister Dance: A spirtauial dance that turn into a twister of Charkra but Ryuu will get dizzy and will lose chakra streght
Light Body Strike: Ryuu's body is surronded by light and who ever strikes his body will go blind until he gets striked very hard but he can not move because he has to focus his charkra
Lightning Palm Strike: A strike kind of like Chidori yet less effective and it does not need a cetain amount of speed :] and he can only do it once every 2 days

WEAKNESS- He can lose focus when a teamate is in trouble, Rock Jutsu can sometimes stop his Lightning attacks, he is careless so he could sometimes over kill

Intelligence: 26.25

Stamina: 26.25

Chakra 26.25

Speed: 26.25

Full name:Vergil Uzumaki(Picture)
Gender: Male
Village: Leaf
Age: 13
Rank: Genin
Height: 6,2
Team: ?

Personality- He is mostly in a happy mood. But when someone interfears with his family or any one dear to him, like his brother, he gets really angry. His most prize persetion is his sword. He will never give up his dream aslong as he had his sword. It was his dad's dream to see him move up.

Likes:Eating, Training and Making Friends. Sometimes being alone

Dislikes:Star Village,People who show off to much.

History/Background: He used to train alone when he live in the star village. All the kids hated him. He used to train alone. He moved to the Leaf village, Till this day he wanted to prove to all the kids in the SV that he would be greater than them.

Relations to other ninja: (u and another member of the community will need to discuss this beforehand should you choose to be brother and sister or whatever- YOUR STORYS WILL HAVE TO MATCH OF COURSE- duh

Inventory-Shurakins---Kunais---Med Supplies_



Primary Attack: Heavenly Slash- He sends his chakra & his memory of his farther to his sword to strike the enemy multiple times.

Abilities:My abilities are mainly weapon skills mixed with chakra abilities.

Aura Sphere- Chakra flows to his hands causing a sphere like ball. Then he throws it at his enemies/Flaws- Takes time for the chakra to travel. Uses massive amount of chakra.

Demonic Sword- He pulls out his sword while it glows blue, He jumps high in the air and while comming down he strikes the enemy./Flaws- Takes massive amount of chakra, takes damage from landing.

Weakness:He's fast on his feet but his accuracy is off.

Total= 55
Name:Scorp Zanadim(Scorp for short)




personality:Lazy most of the time but very dangerous in a fight.Gets angry easily.VERY protective of those close to him. Doesn't spend a lot of time with anyone.Eyes show nothing but pain and torment.

Background:lives was killed when he was 3.Carries his families symbol with him at all times;a dagger made in the style of a scorpion.Possesses the kekaigenkai to cover his skin in poison for a short time(30 min).also can enter a beserker stance in an emergency or when emotions are at dangerous levels.Appers to have had past encounters with Serizawa Kento,(archrivals)

goal:to find the lost members of the Zanadim tribe.


inventory:his dagger and an assortment of poisons.also the Tri-Spirit-Claws are his main weapon which use a special chakra to cover the blades with poisin.Has a scroll to summon a scorpion.

powers:has mastered taijutsu.


looks:short dark red hood,black pants,black shoes.

normal picture:
battle Picture:
Berserker Picture:
Description: Brown hair, yellow eyes, black coat and Gloves, pants and shoes,
Full name: Howl Shimote
Village: Leaf
Element: Lightning
Element2: Water
Clone type: water clone

Personality: Quit silent and Mysterious, gets angry easily, kills someone who gets in his way, Usually on rooftops at night.

Likes: Howl likes instant Ramen from a cup and has milk every night, Likes his Girl friend.

Dislikes:Hates his brother, And dosent like fish or squids.

Abilities: Genjustu taijustu ninjustu.
Justus: Water Dargon bomb: a Move when you summon Waterdargon's. When hit water they turn into bombs..Ulitimate Taijustu shield:a move when you kick and spin so fast that you can block an oponents Move, but weak angainst sand and fire.
Water dragon Combined: a move that you turn into a water dragon:very strong with Water dragon bomb.

Status:Intelajince:15 Speed:13 Chakra:13 stamina:14=55

Inventory: 6 shurikins 2 kunai knifes 3 Healing medicines

Back Round story so far: When Howl was 3 years old his Brother, Sven Became a sweeper (people that kill special people just for the money )His Brother Sven Kill the 5th hokage. Sad for Howl,the 5th hokage is atctullay Howls friends’s farther. Now Howl wants to kill his Brother Sven for killing Peoples lifes for money but Sven’s next target is Howl.
Full name: Yoko Kanno
Gender: Female
Village: Sand
Age: 13
Element: Wind
Rank: Chuunin

Personality - Unpredictable Can Be Annoyed At Really Small Thing's, I Alway's Start The Fight's And Quite Cheeky

Likes: Training And Knowing I Would Come Stronger Every Time Plus Anoying Everyone els

Dislikes: People Attacking At Random

Backround: Grew Up In A Village With To Older Sister's So i Would Alway's Feel Left Out Because They Would Get All Of The Attention

Inventory - A Puppet Because I'm A Puppet Master And You're Normal Shuriken And Kunai

She Can Make My Own Puppet's And I Make Them Stronger Everytime I Control The Puppet's With Chakra From The Top Of My Finger Tip's ^^
Naruto RPG Character

Picture and description: I haven't drawn him yet
Full name: Chikuro, however most people in his village call him the "Dark One"
Gender: Male
Village: Outskirts of Rain (But still in the town)
Age: 15
Rank: ...Jonin (Evil)
Height: 6'3"
Team: Evil

Personality- Chikuro has always been a unemotional child, ever since his birth his yellow eyes have not shown any sign off emotion. Very few know his true self do to how quiet and alone he is.
Books of magic and Jutsus, darkness.
People who thing they are "hot stuff", braggers.

History/background so far:
Chikuro was born in travel, his parents had to stop in a deserted desert checkpoint. They were on their way to the "new world" and still had a long way to go. On the day of Chikuro's 5th birthday his mother died from a uncommon disease. Only a few days after his father died from something very similar.
Chikuro was adopted by his Uncle and moved to the outskirts of Rain away from the townsfolk, who found a person who had yellow eyes and death white hair to be something close to a alien.
Chikuro never went to school, while his Uncle worked back in town, Chikuro would fill himself with the knowledge of books which he asked his uncle to pick up from the library back in town.
Chikuro makes his own spices and herbs. He carries more than 300 in his pack allowing him to both heal and give damage to others. He doesn't carry a weapon due to his lacking in physical strengh.

Element: Water
2nd Element: Lighting (When "Shocking Surprise is used)

Note: Chikuro is extremely vulnerable to physical attack, meaning all physical attacks even in the form of touch are a one hit KO.

Shocking Surprise-By using to massive power within his Chukras Chikuro can draw any magical attack through one arm and then blast it out the other in the form of lightning.
Weakness-left vurnerable during cycle

Skating ring: Constructs a ring of ice tilted to prevent physical attackers from getting too close.
Weakness: Traps Chikuro inside ring, preventing movement until help arrives.

Melt-Melts into a pool of water shielding himself from attack for no more than 10 seconds.
Weakness-Takes time to fully complete transition Attack during change of state, results in death.

Name: alexis boudica
Age: 15
Gender: female
Village: sand
Rank: genin, medical person (still trainning)
height: umm 145cm
Ryuu Nosuk- Genin
Yoko Kanno- Genin

element: fire

presonality: active chicky, nothing really scares her. not a person who puts ppl down or start a fight, but if anyone was to hurt sum1 close to her, she will do major damage. ^^

likes: seeking out adventures, hanging with her brother ^.^ and friends. most times she likes being on her own.

dislikes: sitting around doing nothing, people who mess with her mates and family.

bg:she grew up with her parents, mother is a respectable healer and father a great ninga within the sand village, Ryuu Nosuk is her older brother she wants more excitment in her life(traveling,see more ect), she looks up to her parents now shes on a spiritual jorney to find where her place is in life. she would only fight for a reason not for the pleasure of beating someone so you think your stronger than every1 else. But when she has to survive to reach her goal she wont let anything stand in the way to get there.she wants to become a great healer and an awsum ninga. she was top of her class overall a good student, she worrys bout her brother he can sometimes over do things and kill. she had a childhood bestfriend kaori who ran away, she tried to look for her outside the village but couldnt find her, now she dosent even know if shes still alive. she always knew that kaori was unhappy and down she tried her best to cher her up. her father left the village b4 anyone could get him. alexis hopes that kaori is okay and dosent do anything stupid and go after her father alone.
Weapons: bow,sword,daggers,needles

she summon her bow with a gem in her necklace, thats been in her family for years. using her charkra when she draws back her arrows, they go at lightning speed, that cuts through anything. at some time of the day her arrow can quantum leap(can go through port holes to where ever she wants it to go)
example, if the target was half way round the world she could get them if they dont dodge it, it would matter on how good their sencing is and how fast they are.

when she is old enough and knows where she stands, she would be able to summon two fire dragons to ataack her opponents with a scroll that will be given by her father.

she also has a bright red sword that only burns her opponents. (her sword is fire btw)with her element fire and sand she can create a rock hard shield, that can defend her whole team. can heal her and team members, only a little because shes still learning.

also as she progresses she can attack from the spritual side, eg.. unable them to perform a jutsu of anykind or to use their charkra.

she may not be that strong buts shes quick on her feet, and pretty okay with jenjutsu and good with taijutsu, still trying to master both. but has mastered ninjustu.

weakness: she uses alot of charkra with the quantum leap. she and her bow share a strong connection so if she has doubt in herself the bow will not come to her.

Speed: 25

Name: sairyonna gohany

Village: leaf

Age; 14

height:5ft 4in




likes:traing,eating making friends. time to time i like peace and quiet.

Dislike: people showing off

Background story:standing above all others with her incredible nkowledge and skill, sairyonna amins to become a kunoichi.but befor that happen she faout a war.sairyonna is a lonly child
her parent died in a fight,she ran away and never look back.since then she will remember that day her perant got killed.sairyonna trys to overcome her past and due better to showe her parents she fallowed her dream.

Personality:she is mastly in a happy mood,but when they mess with her and her friends she gets in a bad mood that u dont wanna see.she is cool to hangout with but she does not like to remember the past.

-Abilities Section-

Element fire and wind

Inventory: swords, pointy sharp objects,she alway bring medicen for the ingerrys

Powers- genjutsu,taijutsu and ninjitsu

Unique Powers: chakura,fire balls,and speed
Name: Serizawa Kento
Gender: Male
Village: Konoha
Age: At least 20, claims to be older
Rank: Jounin
Discription: Working on picture
Hair: White
Eye Color: TBA, cannot tell because his forehead protector covers them
Hieght: 6'0
Green Konoha style jonin vest (no red spirals & is unziped), white t-shirt underneath, white arm warmer on his right arm, cargo shorts, scroll pouch on belt loop, black sandels.
Element 1: Fire
Element 2: Lightning
Clones: Shadow

Personality: Normally quiet, laid-back, and friendly, though he can get loud and excited , Kento likes to hang in the backround. If no one's talking, he'll get a conversation going, but backs out when it gets going. Comentates and makes smart remarks about people. But when things get serious, so does he. He has an incredibly strong sense of justice & get really mad when the inocent are threatened. He seems to be hiding a deep sadness within, but doesn't talk about it. (will post the story behind it on my blog...SOMEDAY!!! BWAHAHAHA! U HAVE TO WAIT!...yea, i doubt ne1 cares. oh well)

History: He came from an unidentified village where evrything (& everyone) had been destroyed around the age of 15 (or so it appears). He was just learning ninjutsu, but was also very skillful. So not to put his talent to waste, Konoha became his adopted village, because that is where he first heard of & learned some ninjutsu. His konoha headband is tied to his arm warmer, while he wears a second, beat-up old headband from his home village over his eyes. He learned is first ninjutsu when he heard of the great Uzamaki Naruto when he was about 14. It was the shadow clone jutsu, and it took him a month to master it (aka, making 20 clones at once).It seems that in the past he's come across Scorp Zanadim, as the two seem to hold a grudge against each other. He the last of a mysterious bloodline of ninjas calling themselves "Skylans" rather than human-beings, due to their supposebly unfathomably power. He's not willing to show anyone their abilities, claiming it would bring only death and destruction. His arm warmer is actually a restraint, keeping himself from using his full abilities.

Likes: Freedom, justice, helping, heat, instigating fights with Scorp, training.
Dislikes: Evil (true evil, not petty crimes), Scorp, the cold (60'F and colder, it slows his reaction time)

Invintory: Nothing but the clothes on his back, his scroll pouch, and a wrapped up katana-which he carries on his back- that he never uses.

Kekki Genkai
100% Chakara Control: Part of his kekki genkai that slipped past the restraint. He can use his chakara as a weapon similar to the way Gaara controls sand, though it takes on a firey look. This is actually how he see's while his eyes are constantly covered. In addition, molding chakara is easy as that *snap!* for him
Mechanics Time- The way he see's is by keeping himself in a cloud of chakara. He uses it as a radar so anything that enters it becomes visible to him. Most of the time chakara is invisible, so a normal person could not see it. But someone with the byakugan or sharingan could see it.
Crystaline Skelliton: Pretty basic. His skelliton is made out of an odd organic crystal material. It is (so far) unbreakable so his bone can neither be broken nor cut in half.
Spontainious Regeneration: Whenever he is cut or stabbed, he regenerates in a matter of seconds. He can do the same with his chakara network as well, but it takes a few hours for them to become normal again.
Body Temperature: He has an abnormaly high body temperature (120F). In addition, the heat doesn't bother him at all & he is stronger in hot weather.

Basic Taijutsu
Salamandra Fist: A combination of fire & lightning chakara engulf his arm (it looks like it's on fire), the fist takes the appearance of a flaming dragon head. He can use it in close-range tiajutsu or he can extend its "neck" to fight from a distance. Like fire, it burns the opponent, but even after it's run its course the burn on the opponent will slowly grow. The electical side of the jutsu messes with the chakara system under the burnt skin, bending the chakara "wires" to make the flow of chakara a bit more difficult. If treated soon after, it'll be as good as new.
Rotation Flash: Basicly charching the opponent & using rotation when getting in striking range. While the foe is flying through the air, he uses a chakara powered sprint to run faster than they fly to intecept they're landing and use rotation again. The process is repeated a few times within 10 seconds. (It feels much longer to the user.
Chakara Death Sea: He lets 50% of his current chakara out of his body and uses it to throw around and burn at his opponent for a few minutes (similar to what Gaara did to Lee). Warning- Only use as a last resort. One would barely be able to stand after using it.
Shadow Clone: do i really need to explain it?

-His Salamandra Fist uses a desent amount of chakara. It also burns away at his skin (he can still regenerate) and clothes (which can get embarassing if he uses it to long; the longer he uses it, the hotter it gets, the more is burned away). In addition, it messes with the chakara flow in his arm. It regenerates as well, but it takes a few hours, so he can't use the same arm to use it twice in the same day.
-As mentioned before, Chakara Death Sea uses almost all of his chakara. So it'd better do the job or else he's done for.
-Although he can regenerate & he can't be cut to pieces, he still needs to: eat, drink, & breath
-In temepature lower than 60'F he starts getting really uncomfortalable, slow, and irritated. It obvious that he doesn't handle ice/snow style jutsus well.

Intelligence: 20
Stamina: 20
Chakara: 40
Speed: 25
Picture: (none yet)
Description: Brown hair, brown eyes,very beautiful
Full name: kelli Momochi
Village: mist
Element: water
Clone type: water clone

Personality: not evil, nice, has kyubi,lonely.

Likes:not to be alone,friends,to protect others,(later on gaara).

Dislikes:people that are afraid of her,being lonely.

Abilities:taijustu, ninjustu.when she becomes unconcious & injured badly her kyubi comes out and assists her in battle.
Jutsus: hidden mist jutsu,hidden mist relief:fast healing technique,giant vortex jutsu,water clone jutsu,water dragon jutsu,Grand hidden mist jutsu:a hidden mist with a creature in it,water prison jutsu.

Status:smart tactics,always has back up plan.

Inventory:black guiotine sword,3 kunai.

Backround story so far:ever since kelli was born people feared her because she had a kyubi inside.her mother died when she was born,and only lived with her father and brother.
when brother left the village she was 5 & the village was attacked.her father died saving her,for what reason she did not know,everyone hated her but her father.but now that her father was gone,kelli was all alone.lonely...
7 years later,she was a genin in the village,but she had no choose but to go to another village.which landed her in konoha.
Name: Surudoi Ken

Height: 5'9

Rank: Genin

Age: 13

Village: Leaf

Surudoi Ken is a very strong ninja who graduated top in his academy he can use earth, Fire, Water, and Thunder Elements. He works very hard and is best known for his ultimate defence. He has incredible speed and he is never defeated because his sand protects him. He has a great defense and incredible speed that even byakugan and sharingon can't see him he also posseses Sharingon in his right eye and Byakugan in his left eye he can diactivate both of them. He really dosen't use both of these eyes because he is so strong. He got his Sharingon from Uchiha Madara who was the strongest Uchiha ever lived. And He got Byakugan from Hashi Hyuga who was the strongest Hyuga ever lived. His top three techniques are Sand Blanket, Mangeto Sharingon, and Ultimate Byakugan. Sand Blanket is a very dangerous jutsu it is a S-Rank jutsu the landscape changes to a desert and then a vibration comes in that sand and the opponent inside the sand dies the opponent can't run because the amount of sand is too much and too fast. The Mangeto Sharingon is a level2 sharingon which is very strong it can send a person to another dimension. The person gets stuck in that dimension and the other person tortures him there and destroys him in that dimension. Ultimate Byakugan is a very dangerous technique the persons taijutsu becomes very strong that with his one tap his opponent dies so badly and nobody can stop that person even Mangeto Sharingon can't stop that person. He is able to defeat a Jounin of Village Hidden in the Mist.

Stamina: 20
Speed: 30
gender: male
name: kuiko uchiha
village: leaf
rank: jounin

personailty-kinda of a loner and really doesnt like any one until he met kagome uchiha.

likes- ramen, trainig and sparing

dislikes- when people dont realize friends

background: had no family and a demon more dangres than the nine talied fox
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