gender: male
name: auron uchiha
village: leaf
rank: genin

personailty-smart,NERDY,strong,reads ALOT!!!!!!!!!!

likes- ramen, trainig and sparing

dislikes- when people dont realize friends

background: had no family,only has 1 friend,colmi zarunto

name: kaori kia (kk)
age: 15
village: leaf
1. Auron Uchiha- Genin
2. Fan An Rui- Genin
3. kakushi yokozowa- Genin
element: lightning
element2: water
height: 5.9
eyes: when mad they go red but most the time their blue.

personality:shes pretty snappy at people when shes not in a good mood, but she used to be alot nicer shes more on the quiet side dosent trust any1. dosent like to bring the past up. she stands up for herself and dosent take cr** from anyone.(sorry cant think of the word to use)

background: shes from the sand village but her father was a drunk and killed his wife.(kaoris mum)she was bestfriends with alexis (aly) so they took her in. it never felt like home to her so she ran away to the mist village, their she met a lady called cami who was a medical ninga, she asked her where she came from her name etc.. so cami trained her and kaori went to school now ranked as a jounin. cami thought she would be a good medical ninga but instead she has mastered ninjustu,taijustu and genjustu and has become a fighter ninga O.o (fighter ninga? cant think of the word) its been years since shes seen or heard from her bestfriend. but knows they will reunite. shes out for revenge on her father. shes not out their to make enimes all she wants is to revenge her mothers deathand hopefully to meet up with alexis. she would never fight with her if thy ever meet in battle. but she would most likely kill anyone who defends her father or stops her finding him. he has gone evil and made a clan called the hidden moon village they pretty strong together and will kill anyone. the clan isnt that big about 10 people in it not all as is strong as koari, but she would need help if she ever wants to defeat her father, the only person she wants is alexis. because she know together they would make a good team
updated pic on what she looks like now:

this is her father:

weaponsUnhappyhmm ok) she has a long chain that retracks it electric shocks her opponents, cause of her lightning element.
(the weapon she uses was her mothers) this is kaoris mum

She has the abbility to confuse her opponents, by sending a high pitch note into their heads by just looking them straight into their eyes witch then the opponent can turn on their own team.(bloodline skill from her mothers side)

the chain she has retracks into a sword looking thing. (i will try to find a pic)it sucks the charkra out of her opponents when it is wraped around them. and by using her or the opponents charkra she stole and her element lightning, the sword becomes electricity and shocks her enimy. she could kill them with it or leaving them unconchus with a painful headace (my spelling sucks!!!!)

she can disable someones defence and use it against them.
defence: use the water to slow time down if a person trying to attack her or team members.
eg... some one is attacking with a mental skill *justu,weapons punch* she can slow it down by 60% of the normall speed its going, so she has time to move her whole team mates out of the way,. this skill is only visable to her eyes only.

she also dose the basics kanai throw and other pointy objects.

this is a skill that would need alot of charkra..
she can create a ball of charkra and electricity in the palm of her hand that can paralise her opponent and seriously damage her enime. shes alot stronger than she looks. when she battles someone she dosent care about, shes pure evil.

weakness: she would jump infront of an attack if it was ment for her teamates. wont let anything bad happen to them. but dosent care much for others. uses 5 of her charkra with the ball she creates.

Total= 115
Full name: Kagome Uchiga
Gender: Female
Village: mist
Age: 12
Element: lightning
Rank: Chuunin

Personality - Unpredictable can be over protektive will do anything to save her friends...

Likes: being silendt and train

Dislikes:anoing ppl and ppl why try to kill her friends

Backround: Grew Up with wolf demons never saw her parronts

Inventory - A swords kanins and sukrikuns

She Can transform int a demon and cant be hurmed has a power to heal anything and anywhere she cant fell any emotions.(moust of them

Details:My name is Kagome Uchiga(my village on th pic below)i grew up with wolf demons and in time i became a wolf demon leader by using 4 elements (wind,water,fier and eart)i can make the moust deadly wepon of all(the sword of Hell which onle i can hold in my hand the other ppl will get burned)its inposible to kill me with just a normal sword you can kill me with only my sword. ia can not feel emotions i am form village hiden in the mist i work on my own and do not liste to anyone.

name: sasha
age: 14
rank: genin
village: mist
height: 5.i
element: wind
personality: a bubbly person she has no bad days she makes everything fun.

background: all her family members have been great and powerful ninjas, she has never liked fighting she wants peace with all the villages. but now she knows that never might happen so she wants to become a good shinobi to defend her family and friends, her class mates have teased her because she was weak and to nice. she wants to prove to everyone that she isnt weak now she has become a genin, one step closer to her goal.

she is a genjutsu master
create illusions, and while the are out of it her team mates can attack them

weapons:pointy sharp objects, needles, shurikins.

skills: shadow clon justsu, she can transform into anything.
she can now controll the wind around her creating a big tornado to blow away her oponets that has hidden needles in it.

she has two little fire breathing bird looking things, that fight by her side.
here is a picture:

also defend herself against weapons that are thown at her.
discription:brown hair,purple eyes,big brown coat,wript gloves,dark blue pants,socks,black neclace with a smal red ruby on it.
Fullname:Seth Akamitva
cloneType:life like
rank Genin

Personality:Mystrious,silent,he will do anything to protect his best friend Howl,can get up to no good at night,will chuck a fit if his ramen dosent have the flavoring on it.

likes:Ramen in a bowl,readinging shonen jump mags,likes/loves a certain person.

dislikes:when howl eats my ramen when i go away for a few minutes,hates beeing called a wimp/weakling,hates his evil sister haruhi.

Abilities:hurty point, its where he kicks them in a very hurty point.Phieniox summing: summons a fire breathing phieniox.light punch:when he punchs kicks ect so fast that the person his battleing loses his speed and it gose to Seth.Fire bomb:he makes fire bombs.super sonuic fart:dose a stinky fart.

history of Seth so far:When Seth was bourn wive his twin sister Haruhi, there was a war going on it was leaf village vs sand village seths mum died when he just bourn and his dad who was a wealthy man with musscels of steal and very high on chakra died in the war but befor he went to war he gav e Seth and Haruhi a necklace.but they were more than just necklaces they hade power in them a good power necklace and a evil powerd necklace Seth got the necklace of good power that ment when he comes a ninja like his dad and mum he will have powerfull and good powers.Haruhi got the evil powerd necklace and that meant that she will be evil.and when they turned 9 they found out about the necklaces and since that day Seth hade lost her sister. haruhi run away because she wanted to kill Seth.but Haruhi has been hunting down alot of people and killing them and Seth knows that hes the next.

statius:speed13 intelligince15 chakra13 stanima14=65

from the best of WOOBEL
Name: peter defluur
age: 13
rank: genin
element: wind
Team: Vidar

personality: a cool guy hes on the quiet side. not interested in a weak opponent he'll just walk away.always looking for a worthy ninja to fight, anyone who stands in his way he will destroy them.

Background: 3 years ago he had a brother called sammy that got killed in a village war, he was a 16yr old chunnin so he wasnt easy to take down. his father also died in the war. he and his mother were then left on their own, from then on mother and son trained so they can protect themselves against enimies. even though they wernt wealthy they soon discovered that hunting for their own food would be better and they would also be improving on their physical training.3 years have gone past, now ranked as a genin and soon to be a great chunnin. his mother has become one of the top leaf healers. he dosent want to put his brother and fathers name in vain, so he vowls not to die in war.

Weapons: 6 shurikuns 5 kanais and a big long sword, that was forged by his great grand father. which he died protecting it, from enimies. he summons it from two scrolls that dosent need any charkra at all to use.

This is my weapon:

Name: Kagujon Masai
Height:1M 50Cm

Kagujon is shy but loves to fight. He feels that his place in the world is to protect his nation as much as he can.

2 Double ended daggers
2 Mashunik( Sharpened blades to be strapped to wrists)
2 Trirangs( 3 Daggers on 1 handle that are thrown)
1 back axe( Giant axe strapped to back which can be shot from holder, Only used in hard conditions!)


Dragon Dance: Summons a dragon shaped cloud that knocks the opponent into the air.

Cloud Muster: Surrounds battle ground in cloud.

Ice needles: Stalacmites of ice form and chase opponent.



Name: lee sora
Village: hidden mist
element: lightning
rank: genin

personality: shes queit and calm

background: her family have been living in the hidden mist village for centuries, father starting to retire from being a ninja, her older brother is a highly skilled ninja one of the leaders from the blacktops. her mother is a sivilian and didnt want her only daughter to be a ninja. lee's brother taught her all the basics to becoming a good shinobi, shes now aiming to becom the next hokage.

weapons: the basic ninja tools, bombs and scrolls

her family is well known for there darkness jutsu, it takes the persons what there most affraid of, and like genjutsu they create an illusion around them with all there fears.when she masters the technqic it could kill them.

she can fuse her element and attacks together

she mostly attacks at the opponents charkra, she stores their charkra if needed.

both her defence nd attacks are good when in a team, but when alone it harder for her to use her justus.

she summons a electrical wolf to help her in battle.

LOL i love to draw but im bad so i decicded to make champs and i got 82 and now i have nothing to do any idea?
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