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Picture and description: (on its way asap) basically he wears a long black coat and round brim hat the same as the akatsuki did- except just a plain black cloak- no clouds

Full name: only known as Sasamaru
Gender: Male
Village: Rain
Element: Water
Element 2: Lightning
Rank: S-class criminal
Team: no team- Sasamaru is now a rogue ninja
clone type- water

Personality- cold and quiet with an unflinching gaze, weather this is because of his unloved upbringing or his dark history- perhaps both- many are intimidated by his cold manner and unnerved by his mere presence, he is a renowned ninja and now in many bingo books due mainly to his recent actions and known associates.

likes: creating and learning new and forbidden jutsu, doing his own thing.

dislikes: teamwork, preachers, being disturbed

History/background so far:

Born into a family of ninja of great wealth, he was named Sasamaru by his mother (Sanara- a poisons expert) who died soon after giving birth to him. His father Trajor, (part of rain villages special forces) hated him for the event yet felt bound to raise him as Sanara would have wanted. However over time a large rift grew between Sasamaru and his father. A child prodigy of the village with immence skill, he was hailed as one of the rains greatest success despite his dark and cold personality and even received tutelage from the Daiymo himself who almost became much like a real father to him. Promoted to a Jounin at just age 14 he was away a lot of the time, sometimes for many weeks. At the age of 16 (now a well regarded ninja within the village) his entire squad except for himself was killed on a top secret mission which resulted in Sasamaru coming under an inquiry. The results were horrific, the Daiymo and Trajor was shocked to find that for some time Sasmaru had conducted a number of illegal activities and even met with numerous S-class criminals and that his squad had been voluntarily lead into a trap by Sasamaru. Acting immediately the Daiymo dispatched every ninja including Trajor within the village to look for him. Deep down the Daiymo and Trajor both new something had been wrong with Sasamaru for a long time. The search went for many hours into the night until springing from a rooftop the Daiymo and his elite guard came across Trajors mangled body- clutched fiercely in his dead hands was Sasamaru’s forehead protector with a large gash through it, Sasamaru had killed his father and with it left the village….

Inventory- A large katana which was forged by his father and sealed with deadly poisons from his mother, the blade is made of a rare steal found only in the Rain villages high mountains, after killing his father Sasamaru took this sword from him and began using it himself, its lightweight, deadly poisons and ability to break most other steals makes it a deadly weapon. It is carried on Sasamaru's back in a black sheath with small silver markings over it. As well as this he of course carries the other basic ninja equipment and explosive seals as well as mouth embers. He also has another weapon hidden under his cloak....


Primary Attack: Specialist/Kinjitsu and genjitsu he has learnt from his training with s-class criminals or those he has devised himself using his 2 elements.

Another technique of note is
Rain Shield: combining both his elemets of water and lightning he encases himself in a dome of water which is electrifying to touch and to whcih enemys cannot see inside- but also protects him from physical attacks no matter the strength, andother elemental jutsu's. He is still able however to cast out his own jutsus from inside.
WEAKNESS-Uses a massive amount of his chakra. He cannot move while the shield is around him, does not allow him to use his other forbidden jutsu only whilst inside.
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