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Naruto RPG Character

Picture and description: (No picture yet.)
Full name: Sarashimono Maigo (Called ‘Sara’ by her friends and 'Maigo' by almost everyone else. Maigo means lost child.)
Gender: Female
Village: Hidden Mist
Age: 20
Rank: Jonin
Height: 5’9
Team: (open for now.)

Personality- Sarashimono is a bit on the quiet side. She takes a lot of care in how she looks, but that is not ego so much as it is a well kept disguise. She wishes to come off as a lady. She has never been caught on missions where she's had to spy because she is such a good actress. Maybe her parents were actors...

Roses, rainy days, adventuring, Tuna sushi, and her pet Japanese Scops Owl- named Cus. (Pronounced as Cooz. As in to coo, to speak comfortingly.)
People who pick on others, people who stop trying, people who are loud and annoying. Evil people.

History/background so far:
Sarashimono does not remember her parents as grew up in the care of the Mizukage, living and feeling like an employee or a guest. She does not know if she has any family out there somewhere. Though she does not feel bad about her situation as she thinks of the whole village as her family and many of the Ninja working around and with the Mizukage took a shine to her and mentored her.

She knew things could be so much worse so she was greatly appreciative and thrives to prove she is worthy of that life-saving favor. When she finally entered the academy as a student she was already thought highly of and proved herself time and time again.

She became a Chunin quite early on and was a favorite during the exam. She worked hard, often even traveling with other teams in order to complete more missions, and earned the title of Jonin. Her sensei recommended her to be a sensei and she took the position gratefully.

Relations to other ninja: She thinks of the Mizukage as her father.

Two steel tessen- Sharpened edges so they can cut. One, the larger one, is black with purple roses and feathers outline; the other is purple with black roses and feathers. The fabric on the larger fan can block most attacks, though someone can shove a sword through it. The handle looks like polished silver with roses and feathers engraved into it, and the fans even have a black lace strap. They are tied to the two crisscrossing belts she wears on her hips. The smaller one looks like a normal fan and she will often carry it in her left hand.

Six shuriken- they are black and the hilts are wrapped in purple. Two are in pouches hidden in her right sleeve, and four are in pouches on her thighs.
Neko-te on her right hand- she is ambidextrous so since her sleeves are so long, many do not even notice the claws.
One tanto- used to force open doors, she caries it in a sheath on her left shin.


Primary Attack- Elemental user for the most part, though she also knows Taijutsu

Element: Wind
2nd Element: Water

Tornado Dance- a swirling mass of dust, sand, and debris, or water. Used as an attack or as a shield.

Tempest Regret- Using the water around her, she'll mix water and wind together to create a hurricane, with herself standing in what would be the eye.

Tsunami Vengeance: Huge wave of water, often used to knock the opponent down.

Stamina: 28
Speed: 30
Total= 105
Accept everyone for their race, beliefs, gender, and age. If you have time to judge others, you're not looking closely enough at yourself.
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