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Picture and description: Has kind of long hair, a tattoo black gloves and sandels, and a black shirt and pants
Full name: Ryuu Nosuk
Gender: Male
Village: Sand
Age: 12
Rank: Chunin
Height: 5'10
Team: (so you can do missions- WE WILL WORK THIS OUT 4 U)


likes Becoming stronger fighting and having dark friends
dislikes I hate the mist village and the people who are annoying way to much.

History/background so far: He graduated the academy at the age of 8 and earned the title of Chunin at 10,he has learned many jutsu and is cunning ninja. His mom and dad are ninja also, His mom is a medical ninja and his dad is leader of the anbu in the Sand Village. His dad is the strongest anbu there is and his mom healed 100 ninja during battle.

Relations to other ninja: Alexis is his little Sister

Inventory- He can summon a giant Lion with scroll and a giant scroll he uses for dire emergencys, he also has a sword with a black sheeth, he also has many shuriken and Kunai

Primary Attack- Specialist in Ninjutsu

Kekki Genkai: Dragon eyes: It's Basically another eye jutsu and who ever gets hit by it will be stunned for 10 min but he will lose energy like Kakashi
Abilities: Twister Dance: A spirtauial dance that turn into a twister of Charkra but Ryuu will get dizzy and will lose chakra streght
Light Body Strike: Ryuu's body is surronded by light and who ever strikes his body will go blind until he gets striked very hard but he can not move because he has to focus his charkra
Lightning Palm Strike: A strike kind of like Chidori yet less effective and it does not need a cetain amount of speed :] and he can only do it once every 2 days

WEAKNESS- He can lose focus when a teamate is in trouble, Rock Jutsu can sometimes stop his Lightning attacks, he is careless so he could sometimes over kill

Intelligence: 26.25

Stamina: 26.25

Chakra 26.25

Speed: 26.25
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