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Full name:Vergil Uzumaki(Picture)
Gender: Male
Village: Leaf
Age: 13
Rank: Genin
Height: 6,2
Team: ?

Personality- He is mostly in a happy mood. But when someone interfears with his family or any one dear to him, like his brother, he gets really angry. His most prize persetion is his sword. He will never give up his dream aslong as he had his sword. It was his dad's dream to see him move up.

Likes:Eating, Training and Making Friends. Sometimes being alone

Dislikes:Star Village,People who show off to much.

History/Background: He used to train alone when he live in the star village. All the kids hated him. He used to train alone. He moved to the Leaf village, Till this day he wanted to prove to all the kids in the SV that he would be greater than them.

Relations to other ninja: (u and another member of the community will need to discuss this beforehand should you choose to be brother and sister or whatever- YOUR STORYS WILL HAVE TO MATCH OF COURSE- duh

Inventory-Shurakins---Kunais---Med Supplies_



Primary Attack: Heavenly Slash- He sends his chakra & his memory of his farther to his sword to strike the enemy multiple times.

Abilities:My abilities are mainly weapon skills mixed with chakra abilities.

Aura Sphere- Chakra flows to his hands causing a sphere like ball. Then he throws it at his enemies/Flaws- Takes time for the chakra to travel. Uses massive amount of chakra.

Demonic Sword- He pulls out his sword while it glows blue, He jumps high in the air and while comming down he strikes the enemy./Flaws- Takes massive amount of chakra, takes damage from landing.

Weakness:He's fast on his feet but his accuracy is off.

Total= 55
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