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Description: Brown hair, yellow eyes, black coat and Gloves, pants and shoes,
Full name: Howl Shimote
Village: Leaf
Element: Lightning
Element2: Water
Clone type: water clone

Personality: Quit silent and Mysterious, gets angry easily, kills someone who gets in his way, Usually on rooftops at night.

Likes: Howl likes instant Ramen from a cup and has milk every night, Likes his Girl friend.

Dislikes:Hates his brother, And dosent like fish or squids.

Abilities: Genjustu taijustu ninjustu.
Justus: Water Dargon bomb: a Move when you summon Waterdargon's. When hit water they turn into bombs..Ulitimate Taijustu shield:a move when you kick and spin so fast that you can block an oponents Move, but weak angainst sand and fire.
Water dragon Combined: a move that you turn into a water dragon:very strong with Water dragon bomb.

Status:Intelajince:15 Speed:13 Chakra:13 stamina:14=55

Inventory: 6 shurikins 2 kunai knifes 3 Healing medicines

Back Round story so far: When Howl was 3 years old his Brother, Sven Became a sweeper (people that kill special people just for the money )His Brother Sven Kill the 5th hokage. Sad for Howl,the 5th hokage is atctullay Howls friends’s farther. Now Howl wants to kill his Brother Sven for killing Peoples lifes for money but Sven’s next target is Howl.
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