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Full name: Yoko Kanno
Gender: Female
Village: Sand
Age: 13
Element: Wind
Rank: Chuunin

Personality - Unpredictable Can Be Annoyed At Really Small Thing's, I Alway's Start The Fight's And Quite Cheeky

Likes: Training And Knowing I Would Come Stronger Every Time Plus Anoying Everyone els

Dislikes: People Attacking At Random

Backround: Grew Up In A Village With To Older Sister's So i Would Alway's Feel Left Out Because They Would Get All Of The Attention

Inventory - A Puppet Because I'm A Puppet Master And You're Normal Shuriken And Kunai

She Can Make My Own Puppet's And I Make Them Stronger Everytime I Control The Puppet's With Chakra From The Top Of My Finger Tip's ^^
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