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Name: alexis boudica
Age: 15
Gender: female
Village: sand
Rank: genin, medical person (still trainning)
height: umm 145cm
Ryuu Nosuk- Genin
Yoko Kanno- Genin

element: fire

presonality: active chicky, nothing really scares her. not a person who puts ppl down or start a fight, but if anyone was to hurt sum1 close to her, she will do major damage. ^^

likes: seeking out adventures, hanging with her brother ^.^ and friends. most times she likes being on her own.

dislikes: sitting around doing nothing, people who mess with her mates and family.

bg:she grew up with her parents, mother is a respectable healer and father a great ninga within the sand village, Ryuu Nosuk is her older brother she wants more excitment in her life(traveling,see more ect), she looks up to her parents now shes on a spiritual jorney to find where her place is in life. she would only fight for a reason not for the pleasure of beating someone so you think your stronger than every1 else. But when she has to survive to reach her goal she wont let anything stand in the way to get there.she wants to become a great healer and an awsum ninga. she was top of her class overall a good student, she worrys bout her brother he can sometimes over do things and kill. she had a childhood bestfriend kaori who ran away, she tried to look for her outside the village but couldnt find her, now she dosent even know if shes still alive. she always knew that kaori was unhappy and down she tried her best to cher her up. her father left the village b4 anyone could get him. alexis hopes that kaori is okay and dosent do anything stupid and go after her father alone.
Weapons: bow,sword,daggers,needles

she summon her bow with a gem in her necklace, thats been in her family for years. using her charkra when she draws back her arrows, they go at lightning speed, that cuts through anything. at some time of the day her arrow can quantum leap(can go through port holes to where ever she wants it to go)
example, if the target was half way round the world she could get them if they dont dodge it, it would matter on how good their sencing is and how fast they are.

when she is old enough and knows where she stands, she would be able to summon two fire dragons to ataack her opponents with a scroll that will be given by her father.

she also has a bright red sword that only burns her opponents. (her sword is fire btw)with her element fire and sand she can create a rock hard shield, that can defend her whole team. can heal her and team members, only a little because shes still learning.

also as she progresses she can attack from the spritual side, eg.. unable them to perform a jutsu of anykind or to use their charkra.

she may not be that strong buts shes quick on her feet, and pretty okay with jenjutsu and good with taijutsu, still trying to master both. but has mastered ninjustu.

weakness: she uses alot of charkra with the quantum leap. she and her bow share a strong connection so if she has doubt in herself the bow will not come to her.

Speed: 25
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