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Name: sairyonna gohany

Village: leaf

Age; 14

height:5ft 4in




likes:traing,eating making friends. time to time i like peace and quiet.

Dislike: people showing off

Background story:standing above all others with her incredible nkowledge and skill, sairyonna amins to become a kunoichi.but befor that happen she faout a war.sairyonna is a lonly child
her parent died in a fight,she ran away and never look back.since then she will remember that day her perant got killed.sairyonna trys to overcome her past and due better to showe her parents she fallowed her dream.

Personality:she is mastly in a happy mood,but when they mess with her and her friends she gets in a bad mood that u dont wanna see.she is cool to hangout with but she does not like to remember the past.

-Abilities Section-

Element fire and wind

Inventory: swords, pointy sharp objects,she alway bring medicen for the ingerrys

Powers- genjutsu,taijutsu and ninjitsu

Unique Powers: chakura,fire balls,and speed
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