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Description: Brown hair, brown eyes,very beautiful
Full name: kelli Momochi
Village: mist
Element: water
Clone type: water clone

Personality: not evil, nice, has kyubi,lonely.

Likes:not to be alone,friends,to protect others,(later on gaara).

Dislikes:people that are afraid of her,being lonely.

Abilities:taijustu, ninjustu.when she becomes unconcious & injured badly her kyubi comes out and assists her in battle.
Jutsus: hidden mist jutsu,hidden mist relief:fast healing technique,giant vortex jutsu,water clone jutsu,water dragon jutsu,Grand hidden mist jutsu:a hidden mist with a creature in it,water prison jutsu.

Status:smart tactics,always has back up plan.

Inventory:black guiotine sword,3 kunai.

Backround story so far:ever since kelli was born people feared her because she had a kyubi inside.her mother died when she was born,and only lived with her father and brother.
when brother left the village she was 5 & the village was attacked.her father died saving her,for what reason she did not know,everyone hated her but her father.but now that her father was gone,kelli was all alone.lonely...
7 years later,she was a genin in the village,but she had no choose but to go to another village.which landed her in konoha.
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