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Name: Surudoi Ken

Height: 5'9

Rank: Genin

Age: 13

Village: Leaf

Surudoi Ken is a very strong ninja who graduated top in his academy he can use earth, Fire, Water, and Thunder Elements. He works very hard and is best known for his ultimate defence. He has incredible speed and he is never defeated because his sand protects him. He has a great defense and incredible speed that even byakugan and sharingon can't see him he also posseses Sharingon in his right eye and Byakugan in his left eye he can diactivate both of them. He really dosen't use both of these eyes because he is so strong. He got his Sharingon from Uchiha Madara who was the strongest Uchiha ever lived. And He got Byakugan from Hashi Hyuga who was the strongest Hyuga ever lived. His top three techniques are Sand Blanket, Mangeto Sharingon, and Ultimate Byakugan. Sand Blanket is a very dangerous jutsu it is a S-Rank jutsu the landscape changes to a desert and then a vibration comes in that sand and the opponent inside the sand dies the opponent can't run because the amount of sand is too much and too fast. The Mangeto Sharingon is a level2 sharingon which is very strong it can send a person to another dimension. The person gets stuck in that dimension and the other person tortures him there and destroys him in that dimension. Ultimate Byakugan is a very dangerous technique the persons taijutsu becomes very strong that with his one tap his opponent dies so badly and nobody can stop that person even Mangeto Sharingon can't stop that person. He is able to defeat a Jounin of Village Hidden in the Mist.

Stamina: 20
Speed: 30
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