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Full name: Kagome Uchiga
Gender: Female
Village: mist
Age: 12
Element: lightning
Rank: Chuunin

Personality - Unpredictable can be over protektive will do anything to save her friends...

Likes: being silendt and train

Dislikes:anoing ppl and ppl why try to kill her friends

Backround: Grew Up with wolf demons never saw her parronts

Inventory - A swords kanins and sukrikuns

She Can transform int a demon and cant be hurmed has a power to heal anything and anywhere she cant fell any emotions.(moust of them

Details:My name is Kagome Uchiga(my village on th pic below)i grew up with wolf demons and in time i became a wolf demon leader by using 4 elements (wind,water,fier and eart)i can make the moust deadly wepon of all(the sword of Hell which onle i can hold in my hand the other ppl will get burned)its inposible to kill me with just a normal sword you can kill me with only my sword. ia can not feel emotions i am form village hiden in the mist i work on my own and do not liste to anyone.

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