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name: sasha
age: 14
rank: genin
village: mist
height: 5.i
element: wind
personality: a bubbly person she has no bad days she makes everything fun.

background: all her family members have been great and powerful ninjas, she has never liked fighting she wants peace with all the villages. but now she knows that never might happen so she wants to become a good shinobi to defend her family and friends, her class mates have teased her because she was weak and to nice. she wants to prove to everyone that she isnt weak now she has become a genin, one step closer to her goal.

she is a genjutsu master
create illusions, and while the are out of it her team mates can attack them

weapons:pointy sharp objects, needles, shurikins.

skills: shadow clon justsu, she can transform into anything.
she can now controll the wind around her creating a big tornado to blow away her oponets that has hidden needles in it.

she has two little fire breathing bird looking things, that fight by her side.
here is a picture:

also defend herself against weapons that are thown at her.
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