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discription:brown hair,purple eyes,big brown coat,wript gloves,dark blue pants,socks,black neclace with a smal red ruby on it.
Fullname:Seth Akamitva
cloneType:life like
rank Genin

Personality:Mystrious,silent,he will do anything to protect his best friend Howl,can get up to no good at night,will chuck a fit if his ramen dosent have the flavoring on it.

likes:Ramen in a bowl,readinging shonen jump mags,likes/loves a certain person.

dislikes:when howl eats my ramen when i go away for a few minutes,hates beeing called a wimp/weakling,hates his evil sister haruhi.

Abilities:hurty point, its where he kicks them in a very hurty point.Phieniox summing: summons a fire breathing phieniox.light punch:when he punchs kicks ect so fast that the person his battleing loses his speed and it gose to Seth.Fire bomb:he makes fire bombs.super sonuic fart:dose a stinky fart.

history of Seth so far:When Seth was bourn wive his twin sister Haruhi, there was a war going on it was leaf village vs sand village seths mum died when he just bourn and his dad who was a wealthy man with musscels of steal and very high on chakra died in the war but befor he went to war he gav e Seth and Haruhi a necklace.but they were more than just necklaces they hade power in them a good power necklace and a evil powerd necklace Seth got the necklace of good power that ment when he comes a ninja like his dad and mum he will have powerfull and good powers.Haruhi got the evil powerd necklace and that meant that she will be evil.and when they turned 9 they found out about the necklaces and since that day Seth hade lost her sister. haruhi run away because she wanted to kill Seth.but Haruhi has been hunting down alot of people and killing them and Seth knows that hes the next.

statius:speed13 intelligince15 chakra13 stanima14=65

from the best of WOOBEL
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