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Name: peter defluur
age: 13
rank: genin
element: wind
Team: Vidar

personality: a cool guy hes on the quiet side. not interested in a weak opponent he'll just walk away.always looking for a worthy ninja to fight, anyone who stands in his way he will destroy them.

Background: 3 years ago he had a brother called sammy that got killed in a village war, he was a 16yr old chunnin so he wasnt easy to take down. his father also died in the war. he and his mother were then left on their own, from then on mother and son trained so they can protect themselves against enimies. even though they wernt wealthy they soon discovered that hunting for their own food would be better and they would also be improving on their physical training.3 years have gone past, now ranked as a genin and soon to be a great chunnin. his mother has become one of the top leaf healers. he dosent want to put his brother and fathers name in vain, so he vowls not to die in war.

Weapons: 6 shurikuns 5 kanais and a big long sword, that was forged by his great grand father. which he died protecting it, from enimies. he summons it from two scrolls that dosent need any charkra at all to use.

This is my weapon:
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