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Name: lee sora
Village: hidden mist
element: lightning
rank: genin

personality: shes queit and calm

background: her family have been living in the hidden mist village for centuries, father starting to retire from being a ninja, her older brother is a highly skilled ninja one of the leaders from the blacktops. her mother is a sivilian and didnt want her only daughter to be a ninja. lee's brother taught her all the basics to becoming a good shinobi, shes now aiming to becom the next hokage.

weapons: the basic ninja tools, bombs and scrolls

her family is well known for there darkness jutsu, it takes the persons what there most affraid of, and like genjutsu they create an illusion around them with all there fears.when she masters the technqic it could kill them.

she can fuse her element and attacks together

she mostly attacks at the opponents charkra, she stores their charkra if needed.

both her defence nd attacks are good when in a team, but when alone it harder for her to use her justus.

she summons a electrical wolf to help her in battle.

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