this has now been upgraded to the manga competition! for details check out my page and the bulletin. keep posted and feel free to mail me about anything regarding the comp or questions about it


and one has completed his manga- its currently viewable on my page but hopefully well have a link in this forum
a small tip lso. to create some really nice looking manga try finding some pictures in manga u like and drawing them, itl give u ideas and some looks that u may like!
I accept this challenge
I accept this challenge
Hey, neat, lots of people. If i get some time i'll see what i can do.
Accept everyone for their race, beliefs, gender, and age. If you have time to judge others, you're not looking closely enough at yourself.
HEY, ive complted my first page of manga which ill be posting soon, theres no real storyline or accuracy to it. Its kakashi squaring off against sasori, its looking pretty good nd ill have it up soon!
yo the Manga compwill be closong on the 11th of October- have your entries in by then!!!!!!!!!!!!
4-5 days left!!!! theres an entry up on the bulletin on my actual page and its pretty good so get the entries in asap!!!
I might join, can I know when's the possible deadline?
nice....i always wanted to amke a manga....i have wasnt good tho lol..
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