Does Anyone Wonder How Kakashi got his sharingan?

Watch this to find out.

Part 1  

Part  2 

Part  3 

Part  4 

Part  5 

Part  6  

I've known 'bout how Kakashi's gotten it for a while. And when I first found out how......I felt really sad 'bout it.sad.gif

at the beggining kakashi was a jerk, but obito had to die so he could learn dat sad!

 But look at kakashi after! he iz so cOOl!bowl.gif

he looks so hot under the mask! i know this has nothing to do with this but now if u dont mind, i will tell u how i think he got his sharingan.

he doesnt have the uchiha blood-line so he couldnt have had it when he was born. wat i heard was when obito died, rin did a surgical implant by taking obito's sharingan and putting it in kakashi. i dont know the rest but i think that covers it!

Yep, its really sad...  and thought of it, in the begining Kakashi says to "team 7" exatly the same words that Obito said to him:

Of course those in the ninja world who break the rules and regulations are called trash. But those who don’t care about their companions are... even worse trash.

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