The rpg is coming along well, once you all do your character profiles we can start!

ALSO VERY IMPORTANT- we have now added stats and stat points, this is to help determine battles and as help create a better understanding of the character

the 4 stats are

Intelligence: (how smart and calculating your person is- like shikamaru for example, as well as ninja knowledge and battle tactics)

Stamina: (how much damage you can take and how tough you are)

Chakra (the higher the number the more chakra you have)

Speed (how fast your ninja can move)

Ok so with these 4 attributes you get a certain amount of points depending on what level you are 9this DOES NOT disadvantage you just helps us understand your toon better- that means DO NOT start switching to chunnin and jonin cause we have the numbers we need)

Genins have 55 points to distribute
Chunnin have 75
and Jonins being far stronger have 105 to distribute

----EXAMPLE of a tajitsu user GENIN---------
this is what you would probably want to have anyway

Stamina: 16
Speed: 22

= 55

OK so its all pretty simple just apply this at the bottom of ur character profile, REMEMBER to place stat points to suit your type of ninja- a genjutsu ninja with little chakra will suck and a tajitsu user with crap speed will suck, so be smart

AND plz plz dont have to make me mail u telling that uve given urself to many points or not enough- its not to hard to count =P

Also note- just say you give urself all ur points into speed doesn't mean you cant be hit- likewise with the other stats, be sensible and use your points wisely!!!

mail me with any questions- thanks
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