tell me and others who is your fav naruto charecter

and why he/she is your favtongue.gif

mine are:
3.naruto and yondaime

Gonna have to say Gaara. Cause he had a terrible childhood, yet decided to protect the people of his village. He's strong and silent and i really like that "speak softly and carry a big... gourd of sand" lol
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well mine is inuzuka kiba

he is fav cuz

1:of this jutsu(JÅ«jin Bunshin) (Beast Human Clone)

2, cuz of his cute dog akamarutongue.gif


4:cuz i like dogs 2biggrin.gif



1.cuz art is a bangtongue.gif

2.his partners:  Tobi, Sasori

3.cute looks

4.cuz my big sis dosn't like himtongue.gif

my fav is Shikamaru cuz.....1.Hes lazy,like me 2.Hes smart,like me3.i think hes cute 4.i like his smile (which appears rarely) 5.i saw a picture of him in a deer suit and he was SO CUTE!!!!!!smile.gif

Well where to start?

Kakashi, becuse he loves book and is really funny!biggrin.gif

Deiara, becuse he is cutetongue.gif

Itachi, cutetongue.gif

Orochimaru, I like snakes and he has control over snakes. (he is awesome)tongue.gif

Shikamaru, he is lazy, sarcastic, and has control over shadows and he is cutetongue.gif!

hehe i think thats it?biggrin.gifwacko.gif


Naruto why= main charter

Itachi= just cause

Deidara= cause


Obito= cause he died to protect his friends

2 many 2 choose from but Gaara is tha best!!biggrin.gif

theres no black people in naruto if there is tell me please

i dont really have a favorite but ill make a list ^.^

1. Uchiha, Sasuke
2. Uchiha, Itachi
3. Uchiha, Madara (I know i like alot of uchihas lol tongue.gif)
4. Gaara

id have to say
1.sasuke-cuz hes cool
2.kiba-cuz he is tight and he has akamaru
3.obito-cuz he sacrificed himself for kakashi and rin

thats bout it
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