So I'm a struggling artist right now and I'm totally jelly that other people are getting more fan art then i am because i only have 10 up and I'd like just a couple more even one more would make me really grateful.

I'll draw 4 draw you or I'll help you with anything or give you a free mp3 but its up to you.

I really need someone to draw me and I've asked many times on other art forums and they were like " i don't draw people unless i get paid" like i would pay you through pay pal if i could but this concert buisness is taking more money out of my pocket then i thought it would!!

grr,pretty please! I don't care how you draw me,it can be as weird as can be or as simple as a chibi or cartoon of me, i just want a drawing of some sort done of me.. Dx

ill try but i will work for free but here so proplem i am 9 and not so good with drawing

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