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Originally posted by: narutosak

if u want to put stuff on ur profile u go to my account and go to ur settings and go to ur profile settings u can put pic on ur profile here the steps to put them.
1. go to search want ever u want for a pic.
2. click on that pic then on the pic it will have bars and on that bar click on share.
3. when u click on share u will see on the right cover and it will say share with other websites some like that.
4. u click on that then u see th embed then u highlight it and u copy it and go bak to ur profile settings and there will be choies.
5. choise whatever u want the the u paste in it then save.
6. then check ur profile then u will have it on there.

if want to put other stuff to it then same thing but for music like on playlist or mixpod u make u list then find share on the playlist design it then u copy and paste.....Smile

wow, thank you.....I will try to make my page :o)
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