I log on to my profile and see i have two new messages, i click the inbox, message one: Group invitation, message two: 

take a look for yourself.


if it does not show here is the link:

This IS harassment. If jason65thecrazy has sent you a message like this please say so below, we do not need pedophiles on Drawing Now.

When something like this happens you need to contact me so I can handle the situation. I will send jason65thecrazy a warning and if he is reported again he will be banned.

Accept everyone for their race, beliefs, gender, and age. If you have time to judge others, you're not looking closely enough at yourself.

Sexual harassment is a real serious case  if u dont do anything to prevent it, it will hurt u in the future  stop sexual harassment around ur school, neighborhood, and even on ur online communities.  I strongly agree with the stopping of sexual harrassment.

i also think that this should be stopped. nobody has any rights for harrassment, and actually is illegal. ik that doesnt stop everybody, but for the most it should.

Lol..you think it's a coincidence his profile pic is of Michael Jackson? :D

It's a shame what people do these days, like fiery said Contact her! 

i have sended the message to him 

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