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I have nothing else better to do so...

first thing's first. I am 11, are you 11? I have saw a lot of people over the age of 11 and under the age of 14. I have to admit their drawings sucked. But my drawings sucks too, well my tutorials get featured even though I'm not a kidstaff but do I draw anime so well at age 11? Well I practice. Everybody practices, and I see lots of anime Tongue.

Second of all,  you have to know the basics of anime. Big head, big eyes, small and nose? Well, you can also try realistic anime which points more of the relistic features but I suggest you do big eyed anime first. Look up anime pictures, refrence them. Study on anatomy. First you have to know the anatomy, also guidlines are perfect for you.

3rd of all, the basic drawing technique.


Do that. Or you fail. For anime, I suggest people should work on realistic more, but anime is Japanese....=not realistic. Just practice everyday, and get good refrences to anime Smile be inspired, carry a sketch book everywhere you go! Well I'mma go home screw you guys.

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