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I'm createing a manga comic about the rivalry between ninjas and pirates. If you are interested in been in this comic please leave me a discription of your characters personality, the purpose of your character, and the look of your character. One character has already been made:

Name: Daru Richuki

Background information: Mother was one of the best ninja warriors until she was banished by her father for haveing a child with a pirate. Shortly after Lonwei's grandfather had them tracked down and killed, but before they were killed both his mother and father gave him a hug and placed him on some old ladies door step along with a katana.

Apperance: Brown eyes; Black hair (lowfade);not very muscular

Attire: Head:wrapping that covers the mouth and nose

            Neck: Father gold necklace (neck also wrapped)

            Chest:  Polo shirt (stole it from a kid) black

            Right arm: Wrapping

            Left arm: tribal markings

            Right hand: Black glove

            Left hand: Black glove

            Leg area: Black pants

            Shoes: All black 

            Weapon: Shadow ninja blade (mom gave him before she died)  


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