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Here's Solstice Winters, whom I totally forgot to draw a picture of:

wat is da background story

The background story was in the last forum you did, I think. But I guess I'll just restate it.

His Story: At a young age, Solstice was slave to a crew of pirates, waiting on their every command like they were royalty instead of vagabonds. If he didn't perform his tasks well, or if the feeling struck them, his pirate captors would strike him. They were weak pirates, and were picked on, beaten and stolen from many times, so they vented their anger on the boy.

Years later Solstice still worked for them, but they were much older and weathered, and many of the crew had been slain or hanged, with few joining. Solstice, rage bottled in him for years, finally slaughtered the remaining men. His years of rough labour and endless beatings had made him a strong and fearless young man. He threw the corpses overboard and claimed the ship as his own, recruiting thieves and outcasts in the villages he landed in. No one dared cross him, and those who tried were immediately killed by Solstice's hand.

Now in his early twenties, he's one of the most feared captains of the seas, pillaging and slaying relentlessly.

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