please draw for me goenji shuuya in inazuma eleven please!!!!!!!

Omg... so many anime requests... I'll start all of them soon k?

Originally posted by: ohhi

PLEASE tell me something to draw (a request) ... I'm bored. I will try my best, so please don't critisise my drawings, if you don't like them than why are you asking?? Just tell me as a drawing or tut, and I'll get started on it as soon as I can! thank you!

draw a puppy dog a tiny as your two hands that will look cute dont u think!!

Ah girl, with really long hair,  riding a phoenix would be a though challenge! Think you can do it? 

Try to create your own anime :D

Do tutorial for piggybank, bowl of candy

could you please draw me a giraffee i love them and i want a cartoony giraffee thank you

hiya! im nooh heer, so dont call me stupid, but how do u make ur pic an animation? ps. for my request can u draw me a chibi girl with black long hair with full bangs and one red eye and one green eye and black cat ears and a black cat tail and any cute not too girly outfit----- and make her eating a cookie and u can add anything u want, thanx

can anybody draw jason vhoorees

sense it seems as though you love to draw stick to one topic to draw and stick with me and my friends as one of the altamate drawers thanks reply soon

Can you draw any character from Yumeiro Patissiere. If you don't know what that is, go to google images and type in Yumeiro Patissiere. They have a lot of good pictures. I tried to draw the characters but i don't really get how. Also it is an anime so please try and draw it if you can.

can you draw kirby? the nintendo charactor?

hi. i have a request could you draw a blue and purple anime girl, that can control one of these elements: water or earth.    i know you might have a similar request but could you try? when you finish others? please?

Jack the skellington and Sally on that weird mountain kissing

Draw invader zim on a robot pig with gir in the back seat with a pig on his head

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