Okay, which one of you can tell me techniques on creating fur on GIMP or some other similar program? I'm not good at animal fur, it always turns out looking really awkward. A very descriptive tutorial or something would help a lot. :D :D I'm not drawing anything animal-related at the moment, but it'd be useful information for future drawings.

well if i get to see what your drawing of animal fur looks like i'll be able to help you. animal fur is, well, wild! you can make your animal look jagged or soft. but all it is a wavy line that gets cut off then starts again...there's really no right way to draw fur. look at a drawing of a wolf (it has to be wolf/dog) and see how the fur starts wavy then goes pointy at the tip then wavy again, stops, then repeats. no one can give you a very descriptive tutorial about fur but its best to look at an animal.

I hoped this helped a bit!

Sweet! Thanks you guys. :D I'll keep that info stored in my head for the next animal drawing I do. ^^

Thanks for sharing
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