Hi.... i Think The Site Will Be Better If Other Mangas Like One Piece, Prince Of Tennis, Shaman King If U Get My Point Not Just Naruto

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Sorry My Bad English

A section for drawing full bodies of characters from animes would be good so we don't always just draw the head....

I don't know if this is a suggestion really, but I have received some complaints about the ads. It is understood why they are necessary, but the JohnQ.com/tv ads that have been popping up lately are offending some users, as well as Bullzeye.com. Is there any way we can make sure the adds are more friendly towards users of all ages?

Or at least put up a way for younger users to block adds from certain sites?
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cool sitenit is cool. i can finally show my friends that i can draw kyle! THX



I know this forum is old, but I have a couple of ideas. First, can there be a contests section on this website, so we can easily find all the contests people are posting. Second, could there be a "drawing day" where everyone can upload a drawing clebrating it.


Pachoofoosh :D

Need help? Feel free to shoot me a message and I'll be happy to answer your questions. <3

good ideas pachoofoosh!!!!

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