Heyy!!!Smile for all who had Drawing requests..x____________x

im freakin' busy with SCHOOOOOOOOOOOL

Uhhh..>_< i might finish it in a verrryy latee situtiation..o____________o k?

Here is my "Requests" List:

         DRAWING:                                                                STATUS:

  • Anime Girl Scene- SAI (COLORED)              Not Done
  • Anime Girl-PAPER (LineArt)                      Not  Done
  • Anime Couple-PAPER (COLORED or LineArT)     DONE
  • ErZa ScarlEt-Ms Paint (COLORED)                DONE
  • chibi of Boa Hancock-SAI (COLORED)           Not Done
  • Anime Girl/Couple-PAPER (COLORED or LineArt)   Not Done

with that >_< i dunno how to manage Studies,THIS,and Othersss!!!

so ~_~ im sorry but i hope i can finish it


                                                                          ~Hikari XD


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