here are the points for the contest


good beggining, middle and end ( 7 points)

a good problem(5 points)

atleast 5 characters(3 points)

most grammer is correct( 10 points)


a person(11 points)

an animal(7 points)

somesthing elso( 5 points)

colouring it in(9 points)

a good title( 2 points)

it is doing something(4 points)

a lot of deatial(8 points)

taking a picture

a good picture(10 points)

has a good landscape(6 points)

a person in it(3 points)

Okay so those are all the points remember you should start now! When I get a lot of entries it will stop. Also if somebody submits a story in and it is a good story i will publish it on Really i will take the story and copy and paste it into the blogs section. Good luck!

a story,cool!comic style or just the words and draw the characters?

If you want you can make it comic style but you don't have to. If you do it then you get extra points!

All times are GMT. The time now is 1:41 pm.