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Yo!!! (^0^)y, This iz Tisa writting!!!! I really want to become a kidstaff member!!! all i really care about iz helping pll draw cuz drawing is my passion (along with singing) and i have a biggg dream to one day, become a great mangaka!!!! I'm 13 years old and hope that I'm eligable to be a kidstaff!!! my tutorials are all on my page!!! THANK YOU FOR THIS OPPERTUNITY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (^0^)

Arigatou Gozaimasu!!!!

oh and if u want me 2 b specific about the tutorials, my best 1s r How to Draw Hinata - Shippuden, How to Draw Hinata - fighting, How to draw Hinata - chibi, how to draw Akita Neru, How to draw Kiryuu (kiryu) Zero, How to draw a Chinese Lung Dragon (shenlong), and How to draw Taki from Soul Calibur ( srry if i seem lyke a hinata fanatic >o<Wink

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