All I want to do is draw faces. Is that to much to ask?

Well, I know how. First, you have the eyes, you think, there are 4 quarters in your face, one is your forehead, one as eyes, one as nose, and 4th quarter mouth. Your fringe is covering your forehead.

1. Eyes

Lady's eyes are delicate and small when men's eyes are strong and tough. For ladies do graceful, gentle floating eyes and men well, strong and tough!

Start of with an oval for the right and left eye, then add points at the corners.


Imagine your nose was a hard line and then a cloud at the end make two black dots for nostrils.


Try not to do them too big as my Dad always says to me (I always do them really big) but start with a line, the to a curve and back, curve and back, line, down, line, up.

And there you have a face!

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