I dont know if this counts as anime but you can watch pokemon on Citv (72) at 7:45am on week days and I dont know the time of pokemon black and white at weekends but its in the morning after 8'o'clock at least.

hi there if u like death note n haruhi suzumiya, i recommend u to watch ghost hunt n ghost shell. if u wanna more horror n mistery, u can watch blood +. this anime is really cool. n if u r a shakugan no shana fan, u can also watch zero no tsukaima n for your info thats story from d same artist.

I really recommend Elfen Lied and also hell girl is a good one although the real story only starts after a few episodes
If you want to watch anime that's more like funny you should watch working :D I liked that one haha (:
Anime world is vast and it's difficult to name only one but if you wanna watch a series then Naruto, Bleach or Death note and if movies then Howl's moving castle or grave of fireflies Wink
Well have you watched Hotel Transylvania. one of the best i've watched in a long time
these are my fave animes:
naruto shippuden
D-gray man
one piece
full metal alchemist
-Shugo Chara
-Fairy Tail
-Fruits Basket
-Death Note
-Kaichou wa maid sama
-One peice
-Detective Conan
-Sword art online
-Highschool DxD
-Accel world
-D Gray man
-Guilty Crown
Theres more but These are the well known and awesome ones ^_^
WARNING: Has an Addition to Yur pants o_o nyehehe :3
Dragonball Z
One Piece
Naruto Shippuden
Elfen Lied
Kill La Kill
Fairy Tail
Death Note
Kuroko No Basket
Lucky Star
Sword Art Online

have you tried full metal alchemist, fairy tail, rosario + vampire, or neon genesis evangelion?(this is and old one it makes feel old for knowing it >.<)
Gajeel RedFox
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