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Thread: Contest Hiatus?

Hey guys, as everyone here is aware, Contests seem to be poping up every other day or so. Due to this fact, about 90% of Drawing now simply blows them off, I know this because I do it too. When I joined this site about a year and a half ago, there was one contest a month if that, and about 20 people joined, which is pretty darn good.

Well, I guess the point I am trying to get across is, Lets host less Contests and start joining ones in progress, not only will this get more people envolved, We don't have to sign on just to see 'CARTOON CONTEST!' Or 'DRAW YOUR FAVORITE ANIME CONTEST' in the forums.

Guys, I'm not saying nor do I have the power to say stop hosting contests, Its just a thought that I and I'm sure alot of older members would agree with. Its gotten to the point where there is never a prize, one or two people join if your lucky, The fun and competitive side of contests really no longer exists here.

Please post your ideas and thoughts about this below, I'm very interested in seeing how many people agree/disagree with me.

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