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Thread: Contest Hiatus?

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I agree... there are too many contests... i guess that thing about contest staff is ok... but the contests must be separate... standard drawers have no chance against kidstaffs...

Actually.. Your wrong about that standard drawers < Kidstaff. I've been drawing for well over 6 years, I don't want to gloat or anything, but I think I can draw better than all of the Kid Staff members. There are some amazing people other than myself who just does not want to be a kid staff. I was asked to be one, I turned the offer down tho. Just remember this, because you have a title it does not make you the greatest at what you do.

I've seen ur work and u CAN draw better than most kidstaff. Lol YOU should be staff. LOL

Thx man... ill draw more tutorials to become a kidstaff... but they need 5 stars so please rate them...

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