umm this is a few ideas that i had and i wanted to know if it was any good so may i have your opinion? >_<

Well okay some of it is basically a bit of a rewrites ,new characters new personalities some characters created from the ideas of originals etc.

here's the summaries(well not really just previews) for now(not fixed ideas)

Nurariyhon eight generation -Anaki is your basic average loner,even when he was younger he was by himself.the reason is because of the bad name his mother had.the only person who talked to him was a girl who moved away a year after he met her.Now he is 13 and is in a new high school.To his suprise he meets his childhood friend and finds out she's his classmate but that's not the least of it.The very day before he found out he was a youkai.Now he finds himself surrounded by weird people,some of which want to kill him.(rewrite but basically original)

E.M.B.E.R-Ember is half human android that escaped the U.S Labartories to Japan hoping to fit in with the society around her and live a normal was working out well at first but then she began to malfunction being an uncompleted project.Becoming the ultimate killing machine.and the only person who can defeat her is a military assasin that is five timesher size in height and strenght(phyiscally at least)But little did they know that that was exactly how they wished her to be.When the assasin found out he was inraged and helped her escape and had her reprogrammed so that she could control her powers and body.knowing the concequences he would recieve for treason he returned to the base before anyone noticed he was gone;well almost anyone.......(original)

Princess of shrouds-Planet cetaries is being destroyed by the darkness,at the last moment the princess escaped and crashed onto an unknown planet wher she has to survive their strange customs until she finds a way back home,meanwhile the darkness searches for her seeking to destroy all she knows(original)

Now more girly ideas ^ ^

Europe academy-Renka travels to Euope to live with her aunt and to learn what she could about euopean cusine but before she knew i she was enrolled into a high quality chef's schoool audition by her dear relative astounded and a bit angry she takes the test not knowing what was in store for her.(idea from yumerio patissere & yakitake japan,original)

Star project-Retarou gives up hair dressing after her brother died and the onl one who consoled her moved after four years she is finding herself back in the middle of it all after a cocky hairstylist transferred to her school and began forming a group that is revoutionizing the school and the beauty industry(basically a re-write of the manga beauty pop)

Unamed-Valencia is travelling to america to live with her older sister at their grand parents because there was no highschool on the island on which they lived where their parents worked.But at the airport she got caught into a large crowd and was accidently shoved halfway across the airport and became lost.It didn't take her too long to end up on the wrong plane and found herself stranded in Europe.Lost and confused she ran into the wrong crowd and had to be saved by a passer-by.He directed her to a phone to call her parents and found out that it would take a month or 2 before she was able to get to america.After a strict conversation between the stranger and her parents she found out that she was supposed to stay with him until her uncle and aunt whom they would call afterwards,could pick her up.During the time she stayed in euope she became good friends with him and attended school there for the little while she stayed there.After being beaten up by a bunch of girls who were in the boy's fan club she noticed the necklace that was given to her by her second grandfather began to shake. the locket opened and two lizard like shapes fell out onto the grass.Secrets about her father's family line begins to unfold.(idea from katekyo hitman reborn,orginal)

this took me forever to write,you better apreciate it lol ENJOY

1- That's a really unique idea <3! It's really good for action idea's!

2- Ooo are you going to add love in there (assain x ember wtf lol)? I really like this one too, it's good for like mecha or robots lol.

3- Another unique idea! Good for action too.

4- This is good for cooking. I read a smiliar book called "Kitchen Princess", maybe you should read it :3. I like it!

5-This is also good for hair styles :D! I love it! I like this the best because this is really unique.

6- If you add love scenes it will be perfect for a shoujou idea! I love it, it shows how there are other people with a sad life.

Overall I really love your idea's Smile! (and profile picture lol)

hahaha yay i got a lot of uniques ^ ^

1 & 3)thanks ^ ^

2)yes there is and yes it is a bit of a mecha ^ ^

4)i have read kitchen manga,its amazing it's a pity that it ended weirdly like it wasn't finished(or it was probably the site i was on or something)


6)hmm i might take up on that thanks

p.s i like your drawings ^ ^

Sorry I did'nt read cause it was too long XD

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